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Rhyme E book Cover finalHalloween approaches and a prophecy has been foretold

Tilly Hart is grieving for her mother when she moves to the ancient village of Witheridge. Finding friendship and love, she also finds a place steeped in witchlore and the legend of a beast that stalks the moor. Supernatural events and a hidden diary lead her to a village lost in time, a place where magic exists and demons walk the lands.

With her newfound friends and the deadline of Halloween drawing near, she sets out to prevent an ancient evil destroying all she loves.

Being the hunter and the hunted she discovers she can control magic. But magic is an addiction that can lead to evil.



Sometimes a silent night can hold the loudest screams

With new-found friends and magical powers growing, life seems to be going better for Tilly Hart. Christmas is only a snowflake away, and with a sprig of mistletoe on standby for Richard, what could possibly go wrong…?

When the villagers of Witheridge begin to vanish and statues start appearing, Tilly suspects the worst. Only after she senses another witch does she truly realise the deadly danger they are all in.

With time running out, Tilly returns to Darkwurm to find an answer. With the Wanderer at her side, she finds death and an evil that seems unstoppable. But only Tilly can prevent the dark events unfolding… Events that will leave one of them scarred forever.order-now-button-png-23312


Betrayal cover

Old enemies, new dangers

After Tilly befriends a local coven, she soon becomes entangled in a mystery that draws her into a desperate bid for survival. Threatened by her power, Tilly is hunted by an ancient order that will stop at nothing until they’ve found and silenced her. Only with the help of her friends can she hope to survive, but can she depend on those who were once true? With new information unearthed, Tilly learns that evil doesn’t have to come from alien lands, sometimes it’s closer to home, sometimes it’s from within.

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