Tilly’s World

Character List

For now, Tilly and the gang inhabit two worlds that are joined via the Devil’s Stepping Stones.

Darkwurm is a land that appears to be stuck in the 17th Century. A place where magic exists and people live in fear of witches and their demons. Many strange and terrible creatures wander the lonely moors. At the heart of Darkwurm Hamlet is the Full Moon Tavern, a refuge to many a weary traveller seeking a night’s sanctuary.

Back home is Brocken Manor and the close by village of Witheridge. A place that has its own legends of witchcraft and of a beast the stalks the moor. Beside the village green is ‘The Black Cauldron’ tea rooms where hot chocolate and fruit cake can be found at the end of an adventure.

Brocken Moor and Witheridge Village
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