Tilly Hart is fourteen and is already grieving the loss of her mother. She moves to Brocken Manor where her father has just become the caretaker. It is a place of dark corridors, foreboding rooms and vile secrets. A place waiting for adventure.

Wilfred (Wilf) Tinkerton. A happy go lucky boy with a mischievous spirit. His taste buds belong to chilli but his heart belongs to Rebecca Avington. Brave but inept, he tries and fails.

Rebecca (Becks) Avington. Posh and spoilt she is the school outcast, quick to judge and look down on others. She tolerates Wilf because he is the only person still talking to her. High in intelligence but low in common sense, equipped with a stare to freeze any mans heart.

Richard London. Dashing captain of the football team and an all round hero type. Athletic and thoughtful, he can take charge of any situation, except where Tilly Hart is concerned.

The Wanderer. A mountain of a man and just as rugged. Protector of the innocent and hunter of witches. Deadly with sword or flintlock, he doesn’t take a joke or believe in baths.

The Brockens. Five sisters and witches all. Once they lived at Brocken Manor and plagued the land with evil. Dead for centuries but legend has it that they will return to enslave the world.

Miss Jones (Jemma). Long suffering History teacher of Wilf and Becks. Into English Civil War re-enactment and good with a sword.


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