Ley Lines

Mystical paths of magical earth energy, or an old dirt track?

Ley lines were first discovered by the archaeologist Alfred Watkins in 1921. Whilst he wandered the Malvern Hills in England, he noticed that many ancient sites, man-made and natural activity-adult-adventure-1308751landmarks, could be connected by a straight line. “The occurrence”, he said, “was far too great to be mere coincidence”. He went into further detail in his books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track.

Watkins noticed that many of the lines passed through places with Ley in the name, and the phrase ley line was born.

It wasn’t until later that ley lines became more supernatural. It was suggested that these invisible connections carried a mystical power or earth energy which, at intersections, could be tapped into by those with magical knowledge. Stone monoliths became a focal point, and even today people can be seen hugging a stone for a quick energy charge. Stonehenge is reportedly at the intersection of fourteen ley lines.


During the 1970s ley lines became associated with UFOs and gradually developed into a pseudoscience.

Of course, most dismiss ley lines as nothing more than the straight paths created for trade that Alfred Watkins first discovered, and modern mathematics would seem to prove this point. But next time you see a standing stone give it a hug and see what happens, I dare you.

Rhyme E book Cover final
Ley lines are just part of the story.

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